Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Scholarship program D-1 for Manpower of the Oil And Gas Field

The ministry of the BUMN Country facilitated the best man of The Indonesian nation to be educated D-1 with the scholarship in PTK Akamigas – the Energy College And the Mineral (STEM), Cepu, Central Java became manpower was ready with.
The condition and the Administrasi provisions
a. Education: SMK/STM
b. The Passing year of 2005/2006 s.d 2007/2008.
C. The man, Usia of the Maximum 24 years (in August 2008)
d. The status: did not yet marry (attached the photocopy of the still current RESIDENCY CARD)
e. The UAN value: English and minimal Mathematics 70
f. Attached the duplicate of the Terakhir certificate or the SKHU duplicate
g. Attached Surat Ijin parents or the Guardian (Original) h. Attached (SKCK) from Republic of Indonesia State Police (Original/Legalisir)
i. Attached the duplicate the Rapor Value two Terakhir semesters (Legalise)
j. The Asli report, Ijasah Asli/SKHU for the graduate of the academic year 2007/2008, KTP Asli was carried at the time of the Test.
K. Attached Surat Keterangan poor from the District local.
The registration was begun on July 21 2008 and at the latest the bundle was accepted by the committee on August 1 2008
For more Information click here or here ( Indonesian Versioan ).

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Friday, June 20, 2008

Trisakti Scholarship

The foundation of the Trisakti Scholarship gave the opportunity to the student the SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL and SMK that just passed the national final examination in 2008 to get the scholarship was full of the lecture in Trisakti School of Management ( TSM ).
The condition for this scholarship was:
1. The level value - level 8 (eight) in the XII class
2. The certificate was high-achieving from the Principal the origin.
3. Pass the filter exam entered was written, interview, and the psychology test that was held by TSM.
4. Attached fotocopy the family's card and KTP.
5. Attached the certificate of the exemplary behaviour from local police.
6. Was not accepting the scholarship from the other source.
7. The age did not exceed 19 (nineteen) the year when putting forward the scholarship.
8. It did not yet marry when putting forward the scholarship.
The scholarship that was given by the maximum while four years were of the educational cost that was needed for the student/i followed lectures in TSM.For the student the SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL and SMK that met the criterion above could send the condition that was asked for by including the YBT SCHOLARSHIP code 2008 on the left on the envelope to the address:
the Team of the Scholarship of Trisakti School of Management
Jl. Kyai Tapa No. 20, Grogol Jakarta Barat 11440
U.p. : Bpk. Satriyo, SE., MM
R. Humas Lt. 1
for more information click here

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Friday, June 13, 2008

Al - Hidayah Scholarhip

The college of Agama Islam Al-Hidayat again opened the scholarship program was full (100%) during the lesson year 2008/2009.The level of education that was opened was S-1 with 2 faculties:
1.The Ushuluddin faculty with the interpretation hadist major
2.The Tarbiyah faculty with the Education of Islam
Fasilitas educational that was given was:
1. Freely university fees for 4 tahun
2. Freely the cost of eat
3. Boarding
The condition:
1. Passed the SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL/was equal in 2006 s.d.2008
2. The Nilai Ujian Nasional average minimal 6,00
3. The average the value on the class of the report 1 s.d. the class 3 7,00
4. The measuring photograph 3x4 totalling 3 lembar
The Benefit of the program:
1. The blend of the national curriculum and the islamic boarding school of Al-Akhwain
2. Memorised Al-Qur'an (minimal 8 sections)
3. Could read the Arabic book
4. Memorised 40 hadist/year
The registration:
1. The registration was closed finally on July 15 2008
2. The registration could be carried out through:
a. The email: alhuda487512@yahoo.com or alhuda487512@gmail.com
b. The post: Po.Box 01 Ciomas Bogor
c. Fax: 0251 389 788
d. Or came directly in: the Campus of STAI Al-Hidayat Street.
Yusuf Bogor Po.Box Captain 01 Ciomas 16610 Bogor Telp: 0251 388 696
Penyeleksian and the Announcement:
1. Penyeleksian was carried out to 16 -19 in July 2008
2. The announcement on July 21 2008
Contact Person:
1. Aceng Zakaria 0852 809 10332
2. Sarifudin 0859 6969 7666
Indonesian Version ( click here )

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Saturday, May 31, 2008

The Japanese government scholarship

Monbukagakusho Scholarship Information
For the Graduate of the SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL and was equal

The registration of the Monbukagakusho Scholarship for the graduate SLTA and was equal during 2009 was opened.
The condition the value of the form of the taking during this year experienced the change as follows :
1. S-1 8,2 → 8,4
2. D-3 8,2 → 8,0
3. D-2 7,7 → 8,0
The registration was opened on May 30 2008 and will be closed on June 25 2008

For the condition and other information concerning this program scholarship, please click here. (PDF file). Only that met the condition that will be processed

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